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North East Forestry Group AGM
The next generation of forest owners

Monday 17th April @7pm

Headford Arms Hotel, Kells, Co. Meath

The North East Forestry Group are delighted to announce our guest speaker Declan McEvoy, tax consultant, at their upcoming AGM next Monday 17th April at the Headford Arms Hotel, Kells, Co. Meath, at 7pm. Declan has a deep understanding of all financial planning and tax implications involved in transferring woodland ownership to the next generation.


The event will showcase the desire of present woodland owners that the forest they planted and nurtured remains in the hands of future family generations.

Also speaking will be Kevin O’Connell, Teagasc, who will explain in very simple terms the basic cycle of Forest management along with the potential earnings of a well-managed plantation.


Olive Leavy, Irish Forest Owners, will also speak about her experience of taking over the management her family forest as a novice. Finally, our Chairman Derek McCabe will speak about possible future forest income from carbon sequestration and ecosystem payments. Forestry carbon credits & Ecosystem Payments are a way to incentivise sustainable forest management and conservation, while also contributing to the fight against climate change.


This event is open to existing and new members alike and promises to be a very informative and relaxed evening for all.

The NEFG have members in Cavan, Louth, Meath and Monaghan. Members can also get their forests PEFC and FSC certified under the group certification scheme. Members are asked to bring the next generation of family members to this meeting so they can learn the benefits of forest ownership and how belonging to a Forest Owners Group can help to increase their knowledge in an informal group environment.

2022 Woodland to Workshop Programme

The North East Forestry Group (NEFG) are holding our 2022 Woodland to Workshop Programme.  This project is being fully funded by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM).

  1. Marteloscope

  2. Participants examined trees in a conifer and mixed woodland setting, and developed strategies to manage trees for quality and identify the various categories of useable timber.

  3. Teagasc, Oak Park, Co Carlow

  4. Timber Beam Building - James Thomson of Thomson Timber Building, will demonstrate to participants on how to select suitable softwoods/hardwoods for timber beam building construction.


He will also give a practical demonstration on how to create a building from logs in Navan, Co Meath.

  1. An Introduction to Timber Sawing & Drying

Participants will have an opportunity to travel to GMIT in Letterfrack and see how timber is selected, sawn, converted and kiln dried for use.

Different tree species will be examined for their timber quality, strength and potential end use.

  1. Field Trips

  1. We will visit various building and craft workers who use locally grown timber.


  3. Also visiting Teagasc Ballyhaise College, Co Cavan and local woodlands, to look at common and alternative tree species and how they can be grown and managed to produce quality timber.

The project will sponsor four educational facilities in the counties represented by the NEFG.  Locally sourced timber will be provided to them to use in various items.  This will, hopefully, alert educational facilities along with future timber users of the availability of quality Irish timber.

A new website has also been commissioned and there will be a page showing the various tree species being grown by NEFG members with the objective of linking local timber users with local growers.  Two group members have already purchased small scale sawmills and kiln drying systems, so we will have the opportunity to sell our products direct to the end user.


The NEFG recognises that most of our members’ broadleaf and conifer woodlands are still relatively young and are some time away from producing quality sawlog.  This project will facilitate the creation of markets for the utilisation of smaller dimension hardwoods and softwoods from thinnings.


Our goal is to get a structure in place now, so we will be ready and in a better position to market our timber locally for a premium price.

  1. Local Business, Navan, Co Meath

  1. Took place on Wednesday 23 February 2022

  1. Galway Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT), Letterfack, Co Galway

  1. Scheduled for April 2022

  1. Scheduled for May and June 2022

  1. Local Business, Woodlands and Teagasc Ballyhaise College

  1. Scheduled for July 2022

  1. This event will showcase the various items from the educational facilities, along with the viewing of a short video of the project from start to finish.  The new website will also be launched at the event.


  3. All participants, NEFG members and representatives from the educational facilities and craft timber users will be invited to attend.

  1. Completion of the 2022 Woodland to Workshop Project

  1. Scheduled for September 2022

Launched Wednesday 3 November 2021

Funded by:

The Programme can be broken down into different components as outlined below:

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