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The purpose of this Group, is to gather forest owners who are interested in maximising their forest’s potential return and, with the help of Teagasc, there can be a number of benefits:


  1. Gathering clusters of similar aged plantations, to get economies of scale in harvesting and seller of timber.

  2. Running various courses (e.g. chainsaw and first aid).

  1. Forest producers can pool knowledge of contractors and thinning procedures to achieve best return from their forests.

  2. The North East Forestry Group provides a number of field days and events, with expert speakers on various forest activities.

  3. We welcome all sizes and categories of forest and forest owners from the novice to the experienced.

  4. The North East Forestry Group are one of the only private owner groups in Ireland to achieve FSC Certification.

  5. We have run very successful Knowledge Transfer Groups (KTG) where forest owners were paid to attend various workshops and field days to expand their knowledge and learn best practices in managing their forest.


How to Become a Member

If you are interested in joining the Group or have questions, please e-mail us by clicking here.

Annual Membership currently costs €30 (we have held this membership cost at the same price
since the Group’s inception in 2013).

Please click here for our Membership Form:

North East Forestry Group - Joining Membership Form.pdf

North East Forestry Group - Joining Membership Form.doc

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